PearlLab ThinFilm™

The PearlLab ThinFilm is a flow-through system specifically designed for low ultraviolet transmittance (UVT) applications. It is ideal for testing fluids with low UVT or applications requiring very high UV Doses.
Pearllab thinfilm
Pearllab Thinfilm Benefits - Aquisense

The PearlLab ThinFilm™ is 1 of 4 new platforms

UV-C LED Lamp - Aquisense

Two UVinaire Lamps

UVinaire is a replaceable LED lamp module available in 255, 265, 275, and 285 nm.
Both UVinaires simultaneously treat a thin channel of fluid.

Ease of Use

Once the PearlLab ThinFilm is connected for treatment, no adjustments are needed when the LED lifetime is passed. UVinaire replacement is simple and quick offering minimal interruption in long-term research tests.

Pearllab Micro - Designed for ease of use - Aquisense

Flexible operation

Adjusting the treatment level for the PearlLab ThinFilm can be achieved by changing the flow rate of the fluid being treated.


Pearllab Thinfilm Dimensions Aquisense

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The PearlAqua Deca has been certified by a 3rd party laboratory in accordance with US EPA drinking water guidelines.

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