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AquiSense Case Study


Enabling Quasar – advanced UV-C LED disinfection solutions from harmful pathogens. Designed for the OASIS bottle filling product line.
Ecocapsule - Aquisense


Ecocapsule designs and manufactures microhomes with a sustainable vision. They offer smart, mobile, and self-sustaining pop-up homes for any occasion or environment. The homes utilize both solar and wind energy for their power and rain collection to mitigate the need for bottled water.

Ecocapsule strongly believes in sustainable development. They offer a housing alternative that fully utilizes the latest innovative technological solutions, enables people to connect in harmony with nature, and at the same time minimizes negative impact on the environment.


​Ecocapsule’s microhomes have been featured on New York Times Square (May 2019), in Forbes Magazine, Business Insider, and many more!

Ecocapsule - Aquisense


Harmful bacteria in drinking water is an ongoing concern even in rain collection systems. Ecocapsule requires an effective disinfection method that fits into their vision of providing a sustainable option for their customers. The solution needs to disinfect the rainwater collected without the use of harmful chemicals or materials. The solution also requires low amounts of energy consumption.

Key Design Parameters:

  • 99.99% pathogen reduction
  • Chemical/mercury-free disinfection
  • Low power consumption
  • Low replacement interval

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The ideal solution for Ecocapsule is the PearlAqua Micro, a UV-C LED system for point-of-use disinfection. The PearlAqua Micro provides instantaneous disinfection with a pathogen inactivation rating of 99.99%. PearlAqua Micro offers a sustainable solution for water disinfection with low power consumption, no harmful materials, and has a low replacement interval.
Aquisense Ecocapsule Product

“Our homes provide a new method for people to live in a sustainable way. The UV LED technology provided by AquiSense provides our customers with safe and clean water so they can focus on enjoying their surroundings and not what their drinking.”

– Tomas Zacek, CEO at Ecocapsule