Water Treatment

Introduced in 2012, PearlAqua is the world’s first UV-C LED product designed for water disinfection. This system integrates state-of-the-art LEDs into a unique and compact design, without the use of chemicals or mercury-based lamps. LEDs also allow for instant full-intensity power, unlimited cycling, remote start/stop, and no heat transfer into the process fluid.

Three Distinct Platforms

Pearlmicro product - Aquisense

PearlAqua Micro™

Our PearlAqua Micro is simply the world's smallest UV disinfection system, ideal for point-of-use integration.

•  New category of UV Disinfection - Micro UV™
•  Advanced flow cell design
•  Lightweight/affordable
•  Extremely versatile

Aquisense product - pearlaqua


The PearlAqua is our flagship device which comes fully equipped for maximum environmental protection.

•  All inclusive/self-contained system
•  Robust construction
•  Incorporated fan & heat sink
•  External lamp indicators

pearlaqua deca

PearlAqua Deca™

The PearlAqua Deca is the world's first UV-C LED Point-of-Entry residential system.

•  Advanced UV LED design
•  Designed for intermittent flow
•  Low cost of ownership
•  UV Intensity monitoring standard

Each PearlAqua platform shares a patented flow-cell design and unique design features:

Aquisense Small Footprint

Small Footprint

The world's smallest UV disinfection system can be retrofitted into almost any existing system, offering 3rd party validated performance of over 99.99% pathogen reduction.

Aquisense UVinaire

Replaceable UVinaire®

UVinaire is a replaceable LED lamp module that is the heart of the PearlAqua. Easily replaced at the end of its 10,000 hour life, it includes a safety interlock switch and on-board data logging.

Aquisense - Monitoring

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Options for monitoring lamp operation, lamp intensity, and alarm conditions. Remote start/stop operation with unlimited cycles per day.

Aquisense - UVC Leds

Environmental Friendly UV-C LEDs

Utilizes small, state of the art UV-C LEDs, which provide instant full power and unlimited on/off cycling without the use of harmful chemicals or traditional UV lamps.

Aquisense PearlAqua Micro

Temperature Independent

LEDs do not transfer heat to the water, thus limiting fouling and ensuring a constant UV output regardless of water temperature.

Aquisense - Flexible Operation

Flexible Operation

Designed to go above and beyond, powered with 12 V DC, solar or battery is a realistic option. With a high IP rating, the PearlAqua reliably treats water in the most remote places.

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The PearlAqua platform is the most certified and tested UV-C LED product range in the world – boasting certifications from NSF, WQA, ISO, Reach, IEC, Watermark, and more. PearlAqua systems are compliant with NSF/ANSI-61 for material safety and NSF/ANSI-372 for lead-free compliance.

UVinaire Lamp Replacement Calculator

Due to the instant on/off feature of the UVinaire, it is only necessary to calculate the accumulative time water is running through the system.

Enter a value below to see the average lifetime of the lamp.

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