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Home Partnerships AquiSense Launches Subsidiary in Europe

AquiSense Launches Subsidiary in Europe

AST Europe Subsidiary Launch

AquiSense Launches Subsidiary in Europe

AquiSense Technologies, the global leader in UV-C LED water disinfection technology, is proud to announce their latest subsidiary located in Germany. This additional location provides support to the local business development strategies and existing efforts to maintain customer relationships. This development comes at a strategic time as sales are growing and large partners are coming online for AquiSense’s UV-C LED disinfection products.

The new company, known as AquiSense Technologies Europe GmbH, will be based near Frankfurt, Germany, and is led by Thomas Arnold who has a background of 15 years in the conventional mercury lamp industry. Thomas joined AquiSense in the role of European Sales Director five years ago when we saw the full potential of UV-C LEDs. “This new company will support our efforts in this region, including maintaining and building our distributor network and continuing to build relationships with our customers in the region”, said Thomas Arnold. “This development comes with additional staff and resources to grow our sales efforts in the region for all AquiSense products”, concluded Arnold.

“AquiSense has operated on a global basis from inception in 2015, however steps such as this are important as we scale revenue and operations. This company formation is just one of many globalization strategies we have put into action recently”, said Oliver Lawal, CEO and President of AquiSense Technologies.