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AquiSense Case Study


Enabling residential water dispensers – a new residential dispenser for clean water in the Asian market
NKFG Product - Aquisense


NKFG combines the latest UV technology and product design aesthetics to develop a variety of applications and sterilization products for residential use. NKFG is determined to create a safe and healthy living environment. Primarily focused on the Asian market, NKFG provides safe alternatives for traditional disinfection and sterilization for home applications.

The company is based in Taiwan and servers China and Taiwan with plans to grow to other Asian markets.

Aquisense - NKFG logo


NKFG found that harmful bacteria in drinking water has become a rising concern in Asia with constant news about waterborne illness affecting people and diminishing trust in drinking water.

Issues with bacteria growth and biofilm throughout plumbing systems can cause serious illness and were found to be a common occurrence in the Asian water dispensing market.

NKFG required point of use disinfection due to the issues with bacteria growth in systems. Providing clean water in homes without the use of harmful chemicals or materials was a specific selling point NKFG required.


NKFG wanted a point of use technology to offer advanced disinfection which is a unique property of AquiSense’s PearlAqua Micro. The PearlAqua Micro also offers chemical free and mercury free disinfection at the required 99.9% pathogen reduction required by NKFG. Low power consumption and compact size were also wanted for their water dispenser design. The PearlAqua Micro fit or exceeded all design parameters required by NKFG.

Aquisense - NKFG


The PearlAqua Micro has enabled NKFG to create an entirely new category of water purification for the Asian residential market. Each home can benefit from its own low-cost water purification system, allowing access to reliable drinking water while reducing plastic waste. It is easy to use and does not affect the taste of the water.
NKFG Product - Aquisense