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AquiSense Case Study


Enabling advanced point-of-dispense disinfection for laboratory water purification systems
Suez product - Aquisense


SUEZ Water Purification Systems is a world leader of water purification equipment specializing in a wide range of technologies including, ion exchange, carbon absorption, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet irradiation, electro-deionisation, and ultrafiltration. The company designs, develops and manufactures systems for use in applications including healthcare, industrial, and research laboratories.

SUEZ Water Purification Systems is based in the UK and is part of the SUEZ Group, providing solutions for managing water and waste to improve environmental and economic performance for cities and industries.

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Water purification systems are used widely in laboratories around the world to purify water for a range of applications. They are designed to remove the majority of risk of bacterial contamination. However, SUEZ Water Purification Systems identified a potential risk of contamination at the point of dispense. Airborne pathogens can contaminate the dispense point, thus risking the integrity of any future samples.

Conventional UV disinfection technology is unable to properly handle the needs for point-of-dispense disinfection. Mercury lamps in conventional UV disinfection can be a concern for environmental disposal.


SUEZ Water Purification Systems required a reliable mercury-free solution to be integrated into their purification systems. The solution needed to provide robust disinfection with a focus on point-of-dispense treatment. AquiSense was chosen to participate as their UV-C LED technology is known for point of use applications, allowing for on-demand disinfection™.


Together, SUEZ Water Purification and AquiSense Technologies designed a UV-C LED system for point-of-dispense disinfection. The system provides instantaneous disinfection with added pathogen inactivation needed for laboratory settings. The system offers advanced disinfection benefits without the use of harmful chemicals or heavy metals, reducing the need for hazardous waste protocols. By utilizing point-of-dispense disinfection, SUEZ Water Purification Systems have an added reassurance that they are providing pure water free of any risk of bacterial contamination.

“The new UV LED system eliminates recontamination problems by using advanced design work located within the dispense head. This is the first time such technology has been used in this way and brings a number of further important benefits to the SUEZ water purification products.”

– John Higgs, Innovation Engineer at SUEZ Water Purification Systems