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AquiSense Case Study

Wananchi Purification Systems

Enabling tough mobile water purification systems for defense and mobile water treatment applications.
Aquisense - Wananchi


Wananchi UK manufactures tough, reliable, high-quality mobile water purification systems designed to withstand the harshest of conditions to produce pure, drinking water direct from the source.

It is a product design company based in Fareham, UK and was established in 2010 as an R&D company with the core purpose of developing and bringing to market mobile water purification systems. Its primary market is defense and first-response water treatment.

Wananchi logo - aquisense


Wananchi engineers and builds tough, reliable, high-quality mobile water purification systems designed to withstand the harshest of conditions to produce drinking water directly from any source using its own self-priming pump and 12V power pack. Its portable water purification systems must withstand the harshest of environments and intensive handling.


For one of its systems, Wananchi required a UV disinfection system that was light and had an extremely small footprint to enable the system to be man-portable and fit easily into the back of a 4 X 4 vehicle. Its Séon UV is equipped with proven cartridge filtration along with the cutting-edge AquiSense PearlAqua Micro™. A UV-C LED solution was chosen due to its lightweight, compact footprint, low power consumption, and durable design.

Aquisense - Wananchi
Aquisense - wananchi


Defense and first response teams have historically avoided using conventional UV disinfection units due to their demanding requirements. Fragile quartz lamp and sleeves are not robust enough to withstand harsh conditions and overall space and weight requirements were often exceeded for traditional UV sources and their electronic drivers. These teams now have a proven technology to secure their drinking water in these difficult and remote environments.
Aquisense Ecocapsule Product

“Our revised Séon UV portable water purifier with the PearlAqua Micro integrated has revolutionized the durability of a portable water purification system and made Séon UV a leader of its class. Initial client feedback from both military and emergency response fields highlighting their delight of both system simplicity and durability consolidates our own conclusion.”

– Malcolm Padwick
Wananchi UK

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