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Home Partnerships AquiSense partners with Distform S.L. to Offer Award-Winning Food Protection

AquiSense partners with Distform S.L. to Offer Award-Winning Food Protection

Ensuring food quality and safety

AquiSense Technologies has signed a commercial collaboration with Distform S.L. on its prominent product line, mychef™ combi ovens.

The oven combines dry heat and steam and is endorsed by renowned chefs. AquiSense’s PearlAqua Micro™ has been integrated into the mychef oven for disinfection of the steam vapor.

The addition of the PearlAqua Micro provides an enhanced level of protection against pathogens that affect food quality and safety. The PearlAqua Micro utilizes advanced UV-C LED technology and is the world’s smallest UV disinfection system.

Mychef ovens line offers accurate controlled climates, including customizable humidity, air flow, and multiple phases. Mychef ovens are the only oven to offer a completely disinfected vapor thanks to the integration of UV technology from AquiSense. The UV technology used in mychef line has gained Disform the Innovation Smart Label by HOST Milano 2017.

Largest UV-C LED commercial integration

“We are very pleased that Distform has chosen to integrate the PearlAqua Micro into its mychef professional combi ovens,” said Thomas Arnold, European sales director for AquiSense Technologies.

“We believe that this represents the largest scale deployment of UV-C LED water treatment technology integrated wholly into a commercial product to date,” says Mr. Arnold. “Distform is known as a leading-edge technology innovator in the gastronomy sector and we believe their choice reaffirms their commitment to technology innovation.”

“We are excited to announce the integration of this innovative UV-C LED system within our mychef product lines,” said Distform R&D Director, Albert Torne. “The PearlAqua Micro was extensively tested during the evaluation stage and we were impressed with the capabilities of this technology and look forward to working with AquiSense to further enhance food safety.”

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