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Home Partnerships OASIS International and AquiSense Technologies partnership offers global clean water solutions

OASIS International and AquiSense Technologies partnership offers global clean water solutions

UV-C LEDs enabling cleaner, safer water

AquiSense Technologies, the world leader in UV LED disinfection technology, signed an exclusive new product platform for OASIS International, a leader in global drinking water solutions. The partnership provides OASIS International with AquiSense’s patented ultraviolet light emitting diode (UV-C LED) Water Treatment Technology for cleaner, safer water directly at the point of dispense.

AquiSense and OASIS have been engaged in close co-operation for over a year in a detailed joint development effort to deliver the QUASAR™, a unique, highly integrated UV LED solution.

The QUASAR platform offers a high-level microbial disinfection barrier directly at the point of discharge for multiple OASIS products, including; water coolers, fountains, bottle fillers, and point of use dispensers. The solution has been 3rd party validated to show over 99.99% (4-log) pathogen reduction, in addition to long-term customer field trials.

OASIS International is globally recognised as a leader of water coolers and point-of-use filtration equipment. With solutions available in over 80 countries and several brand names, OASIS provides the world with safe and clean drinking water.

Chemical-free water treatment technology

“This partnership signifies a step change from regional product integration, to widely-available, global product availability for UV-C LED technology,” said Oliver Lawal, CEO of AquiSense Technologies.

“We are excited about this new partnership and we are happy to provide the latest chemical-free water treatment technology to OASIS customers.”

Lou Busick, OASIS International VP Innovation & New Product Development, said: “The QUASAR integrates into our Electronic Bottle Filler products which provides clean drinking water. We have been driven by sustainability and water purity for our entire 109-year history, the introduction of AquiSense products continues this mission drive.”