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Home Technology PearlAqua Micro range fully certified by NSF International

PearlAqua Micro range fully certified by NSF International

Opportunities for UV-C LED point-of-use systems

AquiSense Technologies, the global leader in UV-C LED water disinfection technology, claims Class B component certification for its PearlAqua Micro range. Multiple models were tested and certified by NSF International in compliance with the new NSF/ANSI 55-2019 Standard for disinfection performance, materials compliance, and structural integrity.

Standard 55, Class B certifies ultraviolet water systems for supplemental bactericidal treatment of disinfected public drinking water and is commonly specified for drinking water products. As the first range of products using mercury-free, instant-on, UV-C LED technology, this opens considerable opportunities for use in residential and commercial point-of-use water dispensers.

The PearlAqua Micro is the world’s smallest UV-C LED water treatment system and with production already reaching over 10,000 units each month it is a clear market leading product. The PearlAqua Micro platform includes five discrete model sizes and a broad range of custom variants offering flow rates of up-to 8 lpm. Supplemental 3rd party disinfection validation in accordance with USEPA UV Disinfection Guidance Manual protocols show up-to 6-log (99.9999%) bacterial reduction, with additional certifications and compliance including:

  • Watermark – AS/NZS 3497:1998
  • EMC – EN 55022
  • CB scheme – IEC 60335 & IEC 62471
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • Japan Food Sanitation and Water Works
  • Law (pending)
  • WRAS – BS 6920 (pending)

PearlAqua Micro trusted by leading OEMs

These wide range of certifications make the PearlAqua Micro platform the most extensively tested UV-C LED water treatment product on the market. It is trusted by leading OEM brands globally and manufactured in the AquiSense Kentucky, USA facility to ISO-9001:2015 quality standards. Application of a range of patents, together with full internal control of the product design and manufacture by AquiSense, results in the PearlAqua Micro products offering superior disinfection performance for a fraction of the cost of competing products.

“The NSF/ANSI 55-2019 certification adds further evidence that AquiSense is leading the way for UV-C LED commercial implementation,” said Jennifer Pagan, PhD., CTO of AquiSense.

“Our team has worked for years supporting NSF International to ensure the new 55 Standard is robust and future-proof. Our OEM partners will now benefit from the added claim of integrating a NSF certified component” concluded Pagan.