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Home Technology PearlSurface wins “Company Innovation of the Year”

PearlSurface wins “Company Innovation of the Year”

Northern Kentucky Magazine recently awarded AquiSense Technologies the ‘Company Innovation of the Year’ award for its development of the PearlSurface.

The award honoured companies who did an extraordinary job responding to Covid-19, going above and beyond in their responses.

When the pandemic began, our team went into overdrive – this award is a sign of that hard work!

The magazine credited CEO Oliver Lawal and the team for developing an innovation that could help hospitals to disinfect N95 masks using UV-C light technology.

Lawal said: “AquiSense responded to the pandemic this way because fundamentally we have technology that is effective at inactivating bacterial and viruses. And we realized that it was the right thing to do to apply it to COVID-19.”