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Home R&D AquiSense scientist publishes on far UV-C

AquiSense scientist publishes on far UV-C

A surge of interest in disinfection

Our Head of Application Science, Rich Simons, along with co-authors Ernest R. Blatchley III, and Karl G. Linden, published a whitepaper in UV Solutions Magazine where they discuss the application of 200 -225 nm, of far UV-C for disinfection.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a surge in interest in disinfection technologies such as UV, with well-established approaches (such as UV-C LEDs) rightfully finding a wide range of applications. However, earlier-stage technologies such as ‘far UV-C’ have also garnered attention.

Far UV-C is a high-energy subsection of the UV-C spectrum and its proponents claim disinfection capabilities like conventional UV-C sources.

This is a young field of research with a promising outlook, though the evidence base is not yet sufficient for us to consider far UV-C sources as safe for human exposure, and we do not recommend or endorse systems designed to that intent.


Continued academic engagement

UV-C LEDs operating in the far UV-C range are not commercially viable for disinfection applications, existing in laboratories and niche sensing applications only; the most common far UV-C sources are KrCl* excimer plasma discharge lamps.

AquiSense Technologies will continue to engage with academic, industrial, and regulatory partners to build understanding of this technology and shape its development towards safe and effective application.

We continually analyze the performance of UV sources from numerous manufacturers in order to create the best possible UV disinfection products.

Leading the way for UV-C LED performance

The 3M Technical Bulletin for decontamination for FFRs is designed to communicate the impact of decontamination methods on certain respirator models, but not recommend specific types of decontamination.

Each decontamination method must pass filtration efficiency and a fit related evaluation. The 3M bulletin also confirms the PearlSurface as suitable for 20 reuse cycles, twice the number approved for other conventional UV treatment technologies.

“Being listed on the 3M Decontamination Bulletin is yet another instance where AquiSense is leading the way for validated UV-C LED technology engineering performance,” said Oliver Lawal, AquiSense CEO.

“Our team worked directly with 3M to supply data on how the PearlSurface can provide consistent disinfection with no measurable impact on respirator performance. We’re already fully engaged with the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) – watch this space!”