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Home Technology PearlAqua & PearlBeam finalists in “Oscars of Innovation”

PearlAqua & PearlBeam finalists in “Oscars of Innovation”

Honouring innovative technologies

The R&D 100 Awards Committee has selected AquiSense’s PearlBeam and PearlAqua to be finalists in the Analytical/Test Category and Special Recognition Category, respectively. The committee comprises an independent panel of more than 50 judges and represents many of the industry’s leading R&D companies and national laboratories.

This award commonly referred to as the “Oscars of Innovation” honors the 100 most innovative technologies and services of the past year.

The PearlBeam was selected for the Analytical/Test Category as it is the first and only Collimating Beam Device that employs UV-C LEDs (Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes) for research purposes. These devices are used in laboratories to expose bacteria and pathogens to UV wavelengths. Traditionally, mercury-based lamps are used to achieve these wavelengths, however, UV-C LEDs allow for new possibilities.

The small size and ease of use allows the realization of a tabletop homogenized UV delivery system which can be operated in virtually any laboratory or field locations. The PearlBeam features a narrow band emission and is available in a suite of individually addressable wavelengths (255-365 nm) without the use of filters. The PearlBeam offers similar benefits as visible LEDs including: full intensity in under 10mS, low power consumption, and 10,000-hour lamp life.

State of the art UV-C LEDs

The PearlAqua was selected for the Special Recognition Category as it is the world’s first water treatment system that incorporates state of the art UV-C LEDs into a compact unit, without the use of chemicals or mercury-based UV lamps.

These LEDs also allow for instant, full-intensity power on start-up, unlimited cycling, and remote start/stop. PearlAqua can be used in a range of applications including life sciences, medical devices, transportation, and commercial water. Standing only 103 mm (4 inches) high, the compact PearlAqua can be seamlessly integrated into water treatment systems, providing maximum water security.