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Home Partnerships AquiSense scoops IUVA award with Mitsubishi Electric greywater recycling project

AquiSense scoops IUVA award with Mitsubishi Electric greywater recycling project

The AquiSense team is honored to be awarded the UV Engineering Project of the Year by the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA). This award celebrates our work on the Mitsubishi Electric project which uses our UV LED technology to treat a residential greywater recycling process.

The project uses UV-C LED technology for disinfection of recirculating greywater within Mitsubishi’s EcoCute heat-pump hot water supply system.

“The goal was to integrated UV-C technology for its strong bactericidal inactivation capabilities, while not compromising any of the existing EcoCyte operating parameters, such as flow rate, temperature, environmental rating and service intervals,” said Mitch Hansen, marketing manager at AquiSense Technologies.

Adding UV-C LED

In Japan, with a high population density and most city dwellers living in apartments, the greywater reuse market covers hundreds of thousands of units annually.

With costs for water treatment, transport and heating significant, hot water is considered a precious resource. As a result, it is more economical to heat water during low energy-demand times and it is common for households to reuse bath water to conserve resources.

Mitsubishi’s recirculating heat-pump system historically included filtration but lacked disinfection technology to prevent bacteria growth. After evaluating many UV-C LED and UV systems, the company selected AquiSense as a partner to work in collaboration.

The companies designed and tested a custom variation of AquiSense’s golf-ball-sized PearlAqua Micro module as a component for Mitsubishi’s EcoCute.